About Us

With so many design and development job boards popping up all over the internet it can be a hassle searching for your dream job. Which job boards have the highest quality posts? How do I make sure I'm not overlooking the right job for me? How do I keep up with all the updates on these sites? How do I search for my areas of expertise when these jobs are spread across the web?

We built Find Bacon to address these issues. Designers and developers can now come to a single location to find only the highest quality job posts from around the web. A single search on Find Bacon can provide an ideal list of jobs based on your expertise, geographic preferences, job title, job type, etc. Whether you're looking for freelance, part-time, or full-time work, Find Bacon is the easiest way to filter out the noise, leaving only the job openings that are a good fit for you.

Employers love Find Bacon too! Posting a job opening directly on Find Bacon gives employers targeted exposure to a growing professional design and development community. We treat your posts with extra special care, giving them a featured status on the site, and promoting them via social media channels to designers and developers from across the globe. And if you're a company with ongoing job openings then you'll love our subscription pack offering!

If you have any questions, or ever need our help promoting your job opening please get in touch. For almost five years now it's been our pleasure to help both employees and employers get their needs met. Thanks for being a part of the Find Bacon community!