3D Cartoon Animation & Brand Introduction

Posted: Jul 30, 2020


Project must follow similar astetics to:



There are 5 MAIN characters their names are:


1- Planettoon®

2- Gabo?

3- Arimoon?

4- Monique?

5- Dioxicarb?

Need the following information before project is approvedt:

1- How long would it take to see how 1 or 2 characters are animated so I can see how it looks?

2- Is it possible to MIX and CREATE a DIFFERENT style of 3D animation that has NEVER been seen before!!! I want to make something REALLY SPECIAL and use our color palettes, which you know are very different and want to make it very vivid, very 3 dimensional in the personages and the background - so yes we can use Toy Story 4 as an example - but I want better than that, I know we can do it because 1.) characters are VERY different and 2.) we have different colors that need to be included and 3.) new technology!

3- I need to create an INTRODUCTION of the overall storyline of the brand/characters.

4- A short 15 minute reel, need timeline for completion

5- What are the costs for: a.) short 15-minute intro AND b.) 30-minute TV script.

6- Voice overs are available for all the characters!

Company website: www.preciouscreative.com


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