6 seconds Music sting

Posted: May 22, 2020

For a YouTube show about fitness and nutrition, I need some sort of Audio tag to take me in and out of breaks in my videos. And an original approx. 6 second piece that I can use for intro and outro
About the content:
The main concept is about body transformation, from bad to good, from disappointed to satisfied, unhealthy lifestyle to a healthy lifestyle
The details that may help:
- the intro video will show three steps of transformation, from overweight to slim to muscular -see picture- I think we can level up the music into three modes going up or three hits/breaks or something like that (I hope I could be delivered the idea)
- My audience is from the Middle East region
- the program is in the Arabic language on its first phase
- topics are about weight loss, fat burn, workout, getting a better shape, healthy food, meal plans, training at home and nutrition ways and it's concepts

So the tracks needed:
- 6 seconds intro/outro
- 2 seconds breaks
- a long loop that can be used as soundtrack background while exercising or to play it loud while shooting something with no narration

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Source: Behance

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