Animator, Motion Designer

Posted: Mar 25, 2020

We're looking for a seasoned animator / motion designer to join our "Shortlist" of trusted creatives. Levitate offers full-service animation at various quality levels. We have dedicated project managers that handle all project management, budgeting, scripting, client communication, strategy, and negotiation with clients on all projects. We also have a dedicated sales team of 4-5 individuals working to bring the work in. We typically complete 600-800 videos per year so the potential for repeat business with a good animator / designer is huge. We require major talent and proficiency in your space, deliveries need to be made on time, communication constant and clear. We'd love to have you join our ranks as a trusted partner. We've got animators that have been working with us 6+ years and we make up a bulk of their business.

Here is our latest reel-

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