Apparel Graphic Designer

Posted: Sep 14, 2021

INSZN(In Season) Collegiate is a licensed college apparel company striving to bring creative and modern designs to the college apparel industry. We are looking for a long-term, well-rounded and dynamic designer to help develop new and innovative designs. This individual must be highly creative and efficient in apparel & graphic designing.  This individual also must be proactive and independent, and must be able to create product designs with little guidance that aligns with the company's brandind. If you believe you are a good fit for the job, please feel free to apply.


- Be incredibly efficient, detail oriented, and creative, on a PC.

- Proficient in Adobe Software, mainly Illustrator and Photoshop. 

- Be able to work independently as well as within a team.

- Deal one on one with clients.

- Be organized.

- Be able to prepare files for printing.

- Have some experience with printing, small and / or large scale.

- Be able to create eye-catching designs quickly without much guidance.


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