Apple: Apple Media Products Engineering, Front-end/Full-stack, Apple Music at Apple (Seattle, WA) (Seattle, WA)

Posted: Mar 28, 2021

The Apple Media Products Engineering team is one of the most exciting examples of Apples long-held passion for combining art and technology. These are the people who power the App Store, Apple TV, Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, and Apple Books. And they do it on a massive scale, meeting Apples high expectations with high performance to deliver a huge variety of entertainment in over 35 languages to more than 150 countries.

These engineers build secure, end-to-end solutions. They develop the custom software used to process all the creative work, the tools that providers use to deliver that media, all the server-side systems, and the APIs for many Apple services.

Thanks to Apples unique integration of hardware, software, and services, engineers here partner to get behind a single unified vision. That vision always includes a deep commitment to strengthening Apples privacy policy, one of Apples core values. Although services are a bigger part of Apples business than ever before, these teams remain small, nimble, and cross-functional, offering greater exposure to the array of opportunities here.

Apple Music has defined the best in class experience for streaming music. Just as important are the tools that allow artists and labels to manage their presence on Apple Music. Join the engineers who build high-performance systems backed by persistent system-wide testing. Develop new features to support our media and artist partners in providing the content that powers Apple Music.

The Apple Media Products Engineering team is looking for hardworking front end and full-stack software engineers. We build applications that work at scale to support our partners and enable workflows for Apple Music. We are looking for talented developers who can build beautiful, fast web interfaces with cutting-edge frameworks.

If you are passionate about user experience and design, we are the team for you!

Analyze, design, code, inspect, debug, and test Apple Music-related software solutions with emphasis on front end development. You will join a team building meaningful new functionality for our users. You will also maintain and improve existing applications in response to new feature requests. Youll collaborate closely with other teams throughout the release cycle, including our engineering and business partners. Strong communication skills, particularly written communication are important for success in this role.

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