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Posted: Jun 15, 2018

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We are the creative team that sits within Endeavor Global Marketing, providing partners with access, insights and ideas across every facet of culture, from entertainment and sports to fashion and music. We help brands develop authentic roles in culture by weaving them into it with smart ideas rather than slapping their logos onto it. As a passionate group of story tellers, we thrive in a collaborative environment and look to bring creatives into it that are curious, multi-dimensional and at the end of the day want to make great work.


The Endeavor Global Marketing creative team is seeking an Art Director, who can articulate an idea visually and bring it to life in the real world. This person will conceptualize ideas alongside a copywriter to build presentations that illustrate how the idea will be executed, and ensure that all fan touchpoints are incorporated in the smartest way. He/she should be a strategic thinker with an instinctual curiosity about trends, the market and competitive landscape around various blue-chip brands.


Work collaboratively with team members to conceptualize smart, strategic ideas that tie directly back to a specific area in culture and incorporate Endeavor assets

Lead the visual portion of building creative presentations that clearly identify a problem, strategic approach and execution of creative ideas

Articulate how a big idea can live across various mediums, including Endeavor owned assets and purchased media properties outside of the Endeavor ecosystem

Work alongside the Creative Director, Account Management and Production teams to see ideas through and ensure creative vision is executed properly


3-5 years of experience in a creative agency or creative environment with specific examples of work

The ability to multitask and work in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment

Excellent written and verbal communication skills; passionate story teller and brand builder


A self-starter with relentless hustle and desire to exceed aggressive goals


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