Backend Engineer Transit (m/f/d)

Posted: Jan 17, 2020

Hey there! - We’re the Transit team at moovel (becomes REACH NOW), we build services and process real-time information and data in all things transit - and we’re looking for a Backend Engineer. If you indeed are a Backend Engineer and are looking for a stable, mature and friendly team, join in and help us designing great public transit APIs! A quick look at us - The subject of mobility is evolving at a startling pace. Fundamentals are being questioned, new ways of getting around are emerging and challenging the established ones. At moovel (becomes REACH NOW), we aim to take part in shaping that future. Software is eating the world and mobility is certainly no exception. Ultimately, we want to help cities become smarter by building on the operational wisdom of city administrations and mobility service providers. We don't want to disrupt, but augment the means of getting around by employing contemporary technology. The problems we are engaging are manifold and from the real world. Our solutions do not only have an impact on a single industry branch, but also aim to transform the city. They involve fields like routing, searching, AI, innovative UX and much more. Things are very dynamic in the mobility space and thus we devote ourselves to a lot of exploratory work. How the role works - We gather in small engineering teams organized around specific topics. Individual teams enjoy a high degree of autonomy, trust and responsibility, where innovation is very much encouraged and embraced. We value pragmatism, simplicity and collaboration. We live an open feedback and failure culture, because we know that both are necessary to find proper solutions. With us you’ll use state of the art technology and work self-determined in small, autonomous and agile teams. moovel (becomes REACH NOW) tries to maintain a culture where engineers are provided with the tools of their choice and a friendly environment in which they can thrive. Squads at moovel (becomes REACH NOW) choose the tools that fit their problems best, at their discretion. We employ a microservice backend architecture based on Docker and AWS and value DevOps culture (you build it, you run it!). We own the full application lifecycle from ideation phase to end-to-end operating services, while practicing Continuous Delivery. Some of the things you will do - At the Transit team, we’re pretty flexible on our day-to-day business, so we take trust in very high regard! Here are some things we want to entrust you with right away: * You write, monitor, scale and architect microservices that comprise our transit backend * You build infrastructure and tooling for importing data into our data stores * You develop services using TypeScript/Node.js * You perform analysis to enable data driven decisions * You write processing pipelines in Python * Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define, design and ship new features Who are you? - * You are experienced in writing, maintaining & debugging web services * You are concerned about quality, maintainable and readable code * You are open to picking up new languages, tools and frameworks * You are familiar with database lingo like SQL (we use Postgres!) * You are familiar with Cloud Technologies (like Amazon Web Services) and methodologies like 12 Factor * You have good written and verbal communication skills in English * Working experience in the Node.js web stack is a plus, but it’s not a show-stopper in case you’re flexible and well versed in alternatives like Rails or Play * Ideally you have had some exposure to functional programming, async concepts and micro services * You are sociable and easy going Sounds good? - WDYT? We are more than happy to meet you soon, the application form is just below! Yours, - __The Transit team & Magnus, Engineering Manager__ If you have any questions or are in need of further information, feel free to contact Mrs. Anne Nagel at [email protected] or +49 176 30989879. [Click here for the application form](

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