ASAPP: Backend Software Engineer at ASAPP (New York, NY) (New York, NY)

Posted: Jan 11, 2018

We are ASAPP, one of the highest-funded startups in downtown NYC (FiDi). We're solving some very interesting problems using Machine Learning/NLP (Python) and Software Engineering (React/Golang). We are currently hiring backend / fullstack software engineers and ML engineers to help build out and improve our product suite. We're now at 75 employees, and have already deployed our product suite with multiple fortune 50 clients.

Our Tech Stack:

  • Servers: AWS

  • Web: ReactJS

  • API: Go

  • iOS: Swift

  • DB: InnoDB

  • Android: Java

  • Cache: Redis

  • Websockets

  • NLP: Python

  • ML: Python

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