Branding Identiy & Packaging Developement - New Skincare Startup

Posted: Sep 14, 2021

Hi Behancers,

We are in the process of looking for a creative designer who can assist us with branding identity and packaging conceptualisation for our first skincare product, which is a colored clay mask. 

Branding Identify & Messaging - Right now, we have a fun name picked out which is ready to be trademarked. We would like to work with a designer that could help us shape our brand messaging, strategy, positioning, and tone of voice. 

Ultimately, looking to create an 'Insta-worthy' brand - as we realise this is the way of the future so we have that at the forefront of our minds in creating this brand.

Packaging Development - Our ideas right now consist of an aluminum tube + outer box, however, we would welcome the chance to work with someone forward-thinking and who might have experience in packaging, more specifically, new ideas on how we could package this type of product in interesting ways that could help draw attention to the product. With our primary demographic consuming information and making purchasing decisions via social media we are really looking to create something that will catch, grab and hold their attention.

I'm personally drawn to clean aesthetics - give me 'white on white on white' any day but I do feel that there is a great opportunity to do something more vibrant and fun and colorful while also keeping it modern.

We would like to look at this from a holistic approach and working with the same team from branding through to packaging is important to us. 

We do have quotes from some branding agencies in Australia but would love to see if anyone on Behance would be interested in this project. If this sounds like something that would really be up your creative alley, please feel free to reach out. 

We would really appreciate a "ballpark" figure on your costing as well. This will allow us to make a decision faster.

I hope that gives you a great idea of our little project.


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