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Posted: Nov 10, 2019

We're making a 2D puzzle-platformer called Matek and Miksha. (If you don't know what a 2D puzzle-platformer is, go to YouTube and check out Playdead's Inside or Oddmar).

Matek and Miksha is a beautiful story about two refugee orphans and their quest to find their missing sister - and in the process deal with their deep-rooted sense feelings of unworthiness and rejection. DM us for full story.

We're looking for designers who can design the characters for us. We have two playable characters (Matek and Miksha) and around 12 non-playable characters (limited movement -- in some cases, they are almost completely static i.e. just an idle animation).


  • This project is for the two playable characters: Matek and Miksha.
  • Setting: Ancient Middle-Eastern, 1st Century AD. Clothing and look should reflect that.
  • Character descriptions:
    • Matek is 12-years-old, tall, lean and agile. He carries around a stick that he uses as a weapon. He is the sterner, more focused on the two brothers. His special in-game ability is being able to wall-jump.
    • Miksha is 10-years-old. He is chubbier, heavier and shorter than Miksha but still very powerful. He is the more humorous of the two. His special in-game ability is to being able to ground-slam and break things.

The process we'd like to follow is:

  1. Rough sketches of both characters -- we'd like a few options to choose from.
  2. Once we have selected a sketch and a direction, we'd like a full-coloured vector version of the character based on specifications that we mention e.g. in a T-pose. 
  3. Once we're happy with that, we'd like you to connect with our Unity developer to delver the assets in a format that he can animate. This stage will just be minor tweaks - art direction, etc has already been mentioned. 

We will structure the milestone payments to reflect the above.

Once again: this is just for two characters but we're also looking for people who are able to take the rest of the project on (i.e. the 12 x NPCs and other game assets - backgrounds, foregrounds, collectibles, etc.)

If you're interested, please start your bid with MIKSHA and make sure to attach samples or links to your previous work. If you don't have any previous work that you can show, please do a rough sketch and show us.

Also: DM us for some examples of styles we like.

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