Siemens AG: Cloud Solution Architect at Siemens AG (Brande, Denmark) (Brande, Denmark)

Posted: Aug 15, 2019

Job ID: 13715
Location: Brande
Organization: Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy in Denmark
Mode of employment: Full Time

About the position

Are you our new Cloud Solution Architect?

The development of the future Big Data analytical cloud platform has started… and if you want to be the mastermind behind this next step in our digital transformation, you are our new Cloud Solution Architect.

Siemens Gamesa produces and sells wind turbines. And an ever-growing market for targeted remote diagnostic troubleshooting and extended prewarning time for serious damages has led to significant growth in our diagnostic services. Consequently, the Analysis & Diagnostic team is also growing, and this position will add to the team, which today consists of approximately 30 employees in Denmark, Germany, Spain and India. You can learn more about our diagnostic services by watching the short video via this link

In the diagnostic center in Brande (where you will be based), we have collected the Data Scientists, Diagnostic Specialists and the Database Architects, creating a dynamic environment where Architects organizing data are close to those using data for advanced analytics. As our services are sold to costumers and play an important role during the warranty period, working in Siemens Gamesa diagnostics brings value to the business and is something to be proud of.

To meet new demands and to retain our position as world class providers of diagnostic advices, based on Big Data, PCA, Machine Learning and Neural Networks, we are in the process of migrating databases and analytical platforms to the cloud. Hence, for the part of the Analysis & Diagnostics team in Brande, we are looking for a talented Cloud Solution Architect to ensure a successful, cost-effective transition to the cloud.

Today we supply industry leading Big Data analytics for turbine component diagnostics to our customers. And in collaboration with the vibration diagnostics platform, we are in the process of transferring +300 TB data into a NoSQL database in AWS. Here you will play a key role in securing the success of the high-performance data storage platform. Amongst other benefits, the new cloud setup will enable SGRE to scale up on Big Data analytics and supply costumers with increased intelligence e.g. via a costumer portal and API’s.

You will work with tools and technologies like containers, message queues, databases, Azure, AWS, Cloud computing, Spark and NoSQL e.g. Apache Cassandra and Dynamo DB.

What are my responsibilities?

As a Cloud Solution Architect in our Data Warehouse platform, you will be responsible for cost-effective transition from a SQL based data storage and the existing data/ETL pipelines, to a NoSQL solution in cloud. Additionally, you will develop and manage the cloud computing architecture as well as developing a multi-cloud strategy.

In the coming years, additional databases and solutions will migrate to cloud. You will remain the overall responsible for the cloud architecture, hence you will be tasked with continuous improvement and migration of other data bases and analytical services.

Furthermore, as both the data and the diagnostic (PCA/ML/NN) algorithmic computing are moved to AWS/Azure, you will help ensure optimal performance of the diagnostic analysis platform in corporation with the Data Scientists in Vibration Diagnostics and experts from AWS/Azure.

What do I need to qualify for this job?

  • You have a MSc degree within the fields of electrical engineering, software engineering, computer science or information technology.

  • You possess extensive knowledge about database architecture and cloud services.

  • You possess knowledge about database requirements for data science and analytics on large data sets, preferably from an industrial enterprise.

  • You have an analytical and innovative mindset, and you are not afraid of working with terabytes of data.

  • Knowledge about data science and scientific programming (Python, Matlab, R etc.) is a plus, but not a requirement.

  • You are highly result-oriented and able to work independently as well as part of a team.

  • It comes naturally to you to build and maintain good and rewarding relationships.

  • Furthermore, you possess excellent English skills, both orally and in writing.

In case you have acquired your skills in alternative ways your application is just as well appreciated.

Other information
If you have specific questions about the position please contact the hiring manager Mikkel Wilki Thygesen via phone +45 51673264

For further information regarding the recruitment process, please send the recruiting team an email via [email protected] Please mention the Job ID in the email.

We kindly draw your attention to the fact that this email may NOT be used for sending applications or CVs for evaluation.

Deadline for application: as soon as possible

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