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Posted: Sep 14, 2020

Type of freelancer:
2D illustrator / graphic designer with experience making art for casual mobile games.  Preference for experience with decorator and/or hidden object games.  Need experience with UX design, characters, and 3/4 top down environments.  It's possible to break this project into pieces if not all items are a good fit for 1 person.  Assets will go into a powerpoint presentation for game concept pitch deck.

- 1 game logo (similar to Gardenscapes logo)
- 1 or more characters (similar to Township or Gardenscapes)
- 4 simple simulated game screens (minigames, tasks)
- 1 character 3-step narrative scene  
- 1 hidden object scene with 15-20 objects. Examples will be provided.

Miro board available with visual examples and more written documentation for each item. 

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Source: Behance

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