Conceptual Graphic/UI Designer

Posted: Jul 18, 2022

Hi, we're Whatever. We're two experienced tech execs who co-ran Makers Academy, Europe's first coding bootcamp, in London.

TLDR: We need to redesign our conceptual "skill tree" interface. Read on for more about us, budget, etc.

Us: Like most people, we're passionate about education and learning. We're building a Learning Experience System, a way to design and run fun, top-quality non-linear courses where learners can grow in the direction that's right for them.

Right now, we've built and are running two courses on this platform.

The project: Central to this is the Graph, which is a kind of tree-like structure that allows learners to pick a path through the learning content (think a skill tree from a video game).

We've used the Graph with hundreds of learners across some big-name companies in the last 18 months (we're a B2B org at the moment), and we're ready to take it to the next level with a complete re-imagining of this particular interface.

Check it out here:

We've budgeted £8k for this, but let us know if we need to rethink that.

We'd especially welcome applicants from backgrounds underrepresented in tech, because we're driven to build the highest-quality thing we can, and can't do that without your insight.

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