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Posted: Jun 10, 2020

About INDG

At INDG we develop technology that enables engaging, hyper-realistic digital product experiences. Our goal is to make "every product playable", by combining the science of technology with the artistry of computer-generated content. Our offices are in Amsterdam, Bucharest and New York. Clients include adidas, Yamaha, Ralph Lauren, Electrolux, and Philips.

Our CG artists, interactive designers, and developers focus on creating virtual versions of our clients' products, so lifelike it feels like you could reach out and touch them.

Our culture brings together creative, tech and business individuals. It's a heady cocktail that keeps us inspired, empowered and passionate.


Creative Director

Working at INDG, you'll have millions of users around the world interacting with your team's CG based experiences, and the success of our clients' brands will depend on them ? so they should be both impeccable and inspired. 

Yes, your work should be creatively impressive ? but the goal is also to simply help people understand how things work. We need to constantly improve and build upon our special breed of CGI to meet that demanding objective, which is why we're looking for a Creative Director to lead this charge... someone who will step forward and take responsibility for the CGI-based output from start to finish. 

You take creative leadership of the team of 4 Creatives working across disciplines (VFX & Motion Graphics, still renderings, real-time 3D assets and maybe most important of all: Interactive applications). Our CG teams are based in Amsterdam and Bucharest and consists of CG/VFX Artists and Art Directors who are supported by Technical Directors who continuously work on improving our 3DsMax based workflows. Even though it is a team-leading role, we still wish you to stay heavily involved with creating concepts which combine all our disciplines: CG, Video and interactive. 

The ideal Creative Director should know the ins and outs of CG, interactive applications and socials, with an exciting portfolio of their own to share and at least some exposure to Animation or Motion Direction. In this role, you need to be both hands-on and visionary. You should understand your team and how to coach them to their best work. Your enthusiasm for your team's work should be contagious, both within the team and among the clients you interact with.


Responsibilities of this role: 
? Leading a team of creatives in Amsterdam & Bucharest 
? Working with the Production Supervisor and the Technical Director to ensure smooth running operations of the CG Studio as a whole 
? Leading discussions about the team's long-term style direction and goals 
? Speaking to clients and getting them excited about our visual content 
? Describe concept ideas and present these to clients 
? Create concept sketches designs and sketches in order to illustrate your ideas 
? End-to-end responsible for creating concepts around product experiences; this includes providing guidance the team implementing your ideas 
? Inspirational guide for the company 

Role requirements
? An impressive portfolio, 
? Experience with art direction (skill & attitude preferred over experience) 
? Excellent creative and communication skills


The procedure

Please send your resume and cover letter via the link provided. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our HR Department through [email protected]

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