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Posted: Jan 2, 2019

Hello Behance job seeker! 

Are you proficient with Illustrator & Photoshop? Do you experiment with the entire Creative Suite?! Do you know HTML & CSS?!?! Do you live in Washington DC, love to work and want to do exciting things day to day while actually making a professional income?!?!?! Well...

My name is Jason and I need an Assistant. To better explain the job allow me to first explain what I do:

I'm an Industrial Designer whose passion is in creating high-end vintage audio systems. I'm obsessed with human mobility and live for adventure.

My professional work currently includes a hydro-foiling personal water-craft, an electric skate platform, and a new modular class-a personal audio system. I hold multiple patents as an inventor and engineer and over the next two years will be expanding my product design work as I am currently moving into a new (larger) studio space. The goal is to finally dedicate to design full-time in the near future.

I specialize in designing with a high degree of material science and always try to push the boundaries - the goal is to design without compromise.

My day to day work deals with consumer product branding and creative strategy for a group of DC manufacturers. These companies are all in the legal cannabis space here in DC and collectively represent the current market leaders in the District.

In this role, I develop new products, coordinate and design packaging and produce all of the marketing assets that drive the product sales for the companies. I am charged with R&D, Product Development, Packaging, Marketing, and Process Engineering & Procedure Design. I organize in-store "Meet the Grower" events and plan and develop informative classes which we offer in-store at all of the cities legal dispensaries. I also produce all of the in-store/in-bag marketing materials and physically install/manage/rotate these materials in-store.

This year we will bring a manufactured food company online; licensed to make edibles. I'm sure to be very busy this summer making chocolate and lozenge product lines as well as an entirely new brand to support them in the market.

One of my favorite places to work is in my photography studio. Using professional flashes in complex studio settings to build images that capture both the spirit and emotion of my work is more rewarding than anything else I do, but having so much executive responsibility has caused all of my work to suffer.

This is where you come in. I require an Executive (Creative) Assistant.

Every week I work roughly 80 hours so naturally, this will be a salaried job. You will not be "required" to work 80 hours a week and in fact, I don't intend on being a slave driver so expect an excellent income. That said this money won't come easy and work-life balance will require you take ownership of your work and manage your time carefully.

My success has been in my versatility - my ability to handle nearly every task. This is the quality I am hiring for.

I need someone that can handle basic HTML & CSS work. Imagine being handed detailed PSDs with formatted assets which you use to produce static, responsive web pages and email campaigns from scratch. You should know/know of JS and have a desire to expand that knowledge (my team is currently designing two mobile apps using React Native and Node). All of our current websites are React Apps built on our own AWS cloud, no word-press. You will not work alone here but will need to handle the HTML & CSS integration.

You'll be expected to edit photography into usable marketing formats such as flyers, posters, in-package brochures & cards, and should have some experience with commercial graphic design. You don't need to be an expert as we definitely have a style guide, but will also be expected to work with autonomy when managing these projects creatively.

You will be given lots of freedoms to express yourself so don't expect much oversight here. If you have a commercial style then you'll be great! We also have our own large format printing equipment so you will also have the freedom to produce materials in-house and take them operational same day in most cases.

You will be required to manage the social media schedule for all the brands and will take point on the creative direction of our various social campaigns. We have massive catalogs of photography and raw video as well as access to various stock services so you'd never be short on creative. In any case, all social media planning is done as a team and you will be on point to schedule it and make sure it lands on the internet.

Lastly, you should be familiar with 3D formats and any experience in additive manufacturing, or any manufacturing for that matter is a huge plus.  Soon we will be installing multi-axis CNC's and the new consumer electronics and product lines will be ready for market so we expect 2019 to be a huge year.

If you have made it this far then you've probably noticed that this a serious position. It may say assistant in the title but I'm clearly looking for a specialist, but to be my assistant you probably need to be multiple specialists in one body.

If you have the various skill sets required of someone that can manage these tasks in a timely manner then I want to hear from you.

This position includes a salary, bonus structure, unlimited vacation, and equity. If you are an organized and ambitious professional then I would love to hear from you.

Due to the sensitive nature of this job, you will be required to work under NDA and I will offer you an employment contract for the duration of your employment. You will report only to me and must be able to work effectively, efficiently and without supervision. You must be able to pivot quickly and should be able to demonstrate your creative abilities from your current body of work.

Most importantly - if this sounds like the perfect opportunity or if you can see yourself doing well in this position then I encourage you to apply. It will be difficult but the right candidate will thrive in this role. You should expect to travel in this role, but only on occasion - maybe twice a year. The only requirements are the ones I've outlined here but education helps.

Good luck. I will hire the right candidate.  

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