Designer / Art Director

Posted: Jun 16, 2020

Project Overview
Creative Agencies can create showreel after showreel, but all this really demonstrates is their technical ability. To showcase our creative flexibility we aim to produce a unique and striking character piece, featuring contemporary, engaging animation. Paired with a short, succinct, character-driven narrative, conveying a meaningful message in an abstract and non-confirmative style.

We are creating a 20 to 30 second spot for use on various online outlets to drive traffic to our website and socials. 

We're providing you with a script, test VO, and references - from you, we require a series of (approximately 8) boards that communicate our story in an abstract way. We're not looking for illustration or character, rather communicate utilising shape, colour, and movement. We'd like our colour palette to start at the P2 green, and flow naturally from there, be it a range of tonal differences in the green, or a range of complementary colours.

Style is 2d shapes telling the story in an abstract manor, we want it to look stunning but simple. Contact me for references.


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Source: Behance

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