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Posted: Apr 30, 2021

About Lustre:

Lustre is a creative agency that offers a range of design services but specializes in digital brand identity. We create brands from the ground up and design websites, social content, packaging and more. Working at Lustre is like the best of Monday mornings and Friday afternoons combined - productive, energizing, kind of chill and there is always something to look forward to. We have a tight knit team all female team and have something special going on! At least once per year we fly everyone into NYC for a few days to hang with the Lustre team, go out for delicious meals / drinks, get up to something fun and stay at one of our favorite hotels in the city. You can learn more at - warning: our portfolio hasn't been updated in quite some time (so bad, we know, working on it) but we'll show you our most recent work during the interview process.

About The Job:

With the collaborative support of our Director of Strategy and Creative Director, you will take the lead on the creative vision of a brand and execute key designs. Every client project begins with a discovery session where we will learn and brainstorm as a team. You will translate this direction into mood boards, then website designs and, at very least, oversee the design production of things like social and email which can eventually be created by your Junior Designer. You will take ownership over the creation of a brand's digital touch points therefore you must have excellent visual identity and web design skills, an understanding of user experience best practice and a great aesthetic. If you can design logos, social content, etc. as well this is a plus but not required! You must be a clear communicator, organized and into team work - relationships are numero uno.

A's To Your Q's:

  • What type of direction will I receive? You will have the level of support you need when you need it - and it's a bit different for everyone. To start you will be under the direction of our Creative Director Lauren and have the support of our Designer Julia - who are going to show you the ropes, brief you on projects, help you define tone of voice if and as needed - they are great teachers and a total pleasure to work with. You will also have Strategic guidance provided by our Director of Strategy, Zoe, who is excellent at providing support that enables tight creative strategies. At some point you may want to spread your wings and take more leadership in projects which we will gladly figure out as a team!
  • What platforms will I be using? Just like milk and cookies, Asana and Figma go hand in hand in Lustre land. Asana makes project management, communications and project briefing a total breeze so that you can focus on your best creative work. While Figma lets you execute pretty much all of your designs, it's also where we store all feedback so it's easy as pie to execute.
  • I'm not a wiz with Figma, is that ok? You must have experience with Figma, Sketch or Adobe XD. If you've never used Figma before but have experience with Sketch or XD, you have nothing to worry about, we will train you on Figma. We transitioned from PSD / Sketch and it took just a few hours to get used to. We are now ride or die Figma users.
  • How do I communicate with team members? We handle a lot of communications via Asana and have multiple calls / Zooms throughout the week.
  • What level of communication do I have with clients? As much or as little as you want to be honest. Our Director of Strategy, Zoe, leads all client communications, is extremely organized and is excellent at providing a buffer between the client and designers. Our designers love having Zoe on all of their projects because it allows them to focus on creative and do their best work without getting bogged down in emails, unanticipated changes or navigating client expectations.
  • Where do I work from? You can work from where you work best during this bizarro time we are living in and for as long as we work together - just as long as your location makes no difference in your quality, pace and communications. We have a small space in Williamsburg BK but we don't expect you to live in the NYC area or come into the office now or at any point in the future.
  • What is my work schedule? Standard hours Monday - Friday. We never ever work on the weekends and we are really big on work / life balance and flexibility to support everyone's best creative capabilities.
  • What does this j-o-b pay and how many hours per week? This is a full time position with a salary that strikes a balance between your capabilities and our budget. Please let us know what you're looking to make when you apply.

About The People:

The Lustre team is something special and extremely important to our business. Lauren, Zoe and Julia lead all of our teams - they work hard, are kind, super motivated and always have your back. Your other pals will include creative assistants, designers, copywriters and web developers. And our clients are absolutely wonderful, we take great care of them and they know it!


  • 3-6 years of mixed experience designing brand identities and websites
  • 2+ years experience in Figma, Sketch or Adobe XD (or comparable web design platform, PSD doesn't count).
  • Ability to design in a range of brand styles
  • A positive attitude and passion for this line of work

More Details:

  • Structure: Fully remote, full time position with annual salary
  • Bonus: Annual performance based bonus
  • Paid Time Off: 15 days plus 12 Holidays off = 27 days in total
  • Unique Benefits: At least once per year we fly everyone into NYC for a few days to hang with the Lustre team, go out for delicious meals / drinks, get up to something fun and stay at one of our favorite hotels in the city. The trip, meals, activities, etc. is fully paid for by Lustre.

How to Apply:

  • Apply on our Indeed listing here:
  • Answer the simple Q's in the Indeed application form and include your resume. If you have a portfolio link please provide it!

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