Unified Analytics: Developer - Software - Web Application Developer at Unified Analytics (Orlando, FL) (Orlando, FL)

Posted: Apr 16, 2019

Job Description

Our development team is accepting applications for a developer position with the following:

Knowledge of and experience with SQL server, .NET, C#, and PHP.
Ability to understand projects from the business, customer, and technical perspectives. Strong attention to detail.
Able to be a team player or self-directed and work independently.
Ability to multitask and adapt to quickly changing priorities and technologies.

Your Expected Duties:

- Maintaining and improving the functionality of existing software and products.
- Designing and implementing new software.
- Developing test cases and project documentation.
- Conducting code reviews.
- Communicating with managers, technical support, networking, and your developer colleagues.
- Database design and implementation (mostly MySQL).
- Web design (many of our products are online tools to help staff to find and work with customer data).

We offer a friendly work environment with minimal bureaucracy; our focus is on getting projects done. Yet we enforce professional software development habits.

Company Description

We analyze every facet of your business, and streamline them into one fully integrated system for maximum efficiency.

It’s not just about getting more customers, it’s about getting more of the right customers for your business

Unified Analytics, turning the business you have into the business you want it to be.

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