Arm: Device Services Support Manager IoT Application Engineering at Arm (Austin, TX) (Austin, TX)

Posted: Nov 14, 2017

ARM - Device Services Support Manager – IoT Application Engineering - Austin TX 78735

About the role

As an experienced Embedded Software Engineer in this role, you will build and lead the Customer Engineering and Support team for mbedOS, Arm’s world leading operating system for the Internet of Things (

The role sits within the Arm Internet Services Group (ISG) and provides a rare opportunity to have a major impact on the emerging IoT space. Through engineering and support, you will directly influence the mbed platform which will be used in billions of IoT devices.

Your day-to-day activities will involve working alongside a broad team of highly talented engineers, all aggressively committed to building the world’s best IoT services, platforms, and tools. You will also work closely with our partner ecosystem, which includes the biggest and most respected names in the industry.

As you build your geographically-disparate team, you will work with commercial partners and customers to help them deploy mbed OS into exciting new devices. You will build the support teams, work closely with lead partners, and manage interactions between a support teams and product development organizations. You will handle engineering activities including:

  • Integration with our core OS, connectivity stacks, and foundational security technologies.

  • Issue analysis and solution engineering

  • Feature and application development

  • Knowledge base management

You will draw on your proven track record of excellent software development skills as well as the broad mix of soft skills that enable your success in both customer orientation and team leadership. You will work closely with other global ARM design teams representing the application engineering group. International travel of roughly 15-20% will be required to be successful in this role.

What will I be accountable for?

Your Customer Engineering and Support group have a broad remit. Your responsibilities relate to and are focused on the success of our partners and customers, including:

  • Maintaining fundamental parts of the mbed OS platform

  • Working with our partners in supporting their system and integration work

  • Analysing reported issues, developing fixes

  • Writing blog posts, articles and examples

  • Designing, building, testing, and maturing new components for customers and partners

  • Developing code in the open on github (

  • Working with teams in multiple design centres in different geographic locations

  • Supporting our partners and our community as they work with our technology

  • Continuous improvement of our own work practices and methodologies

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