DevOps Engineering Manager

Posted: Nov 10, 2019

As consumers, we have plenty of ways to talk online about the service we have received but we don’t have the same friction-free ways to engage in-the-moment with real people at the businesses we visit. Kipsu provides a new way for businesses and guests to engage through real-time digital channels, transforming what it feels like to give and receive great service. At Kipsu, we love the work we do and how we do it. We have deliberately built an Engineering team (25 people at a company of 70) that is tight-knit, non-dogmatically agile and embraces talented individuals who want to make a difference. We are passionate about technology but realize that our greatest asset is our people. We are looking to hire a DevOps Manager who shares our passion and is ready to take on the exciting and complex challenges of a rapidly growing software company. **Summary** The DevOps Manager position encompasses technical and people leadership duties to ensure that Kipsu's technical teams are able to smoothly deliver work from the development phase to a stable and secure production environment. The DevOps Manager at Kipsu reports to the VP of Engineering and occupies a "Player-Coach" role by coaching, mentoring, and guiding people and processes, while also remaining hands-on with implementation. Like any engineer here, the DevOps Manager is a “utility player” who wears multiple hats and is expected to operate dynamically within our evolving organization. We host our systems on AWS, running more than twenty microservices today and expanding our use of containerization as we go. We practice immutable infrastructure, infrastructure as code, and configuration as code. Our talented and enthusiastic team of Software Engineers believes in DevOps and has expertise with our infrastructure and automation across the team. Team members also run regular working groups in security, database, infrastructure, and front-end technologies to continuously and proactively improve our practices in those areas. Kipsu has facilitated hundreds of millions of messages between real people, resulting in genuine, human conversations as part of great service experiences. Come make an impact with us as we reach the next milestone together. **Responsibilities** Guide the company's technical strategies and act as primary owner and subject matter expert in the following areas: - Infrastructure - servers (production, development, marketing), network infrastructure, field-deployed hardware - Execution of deployments to production and testing environments - System monitoring and alerts - Performance monitoring and testing - Continuous integration and deployment pipelines - Infrastructure and network security - Configuration management Implement changes to our systems as needed, particularly for larger, "step function" changes to our systems and processes Act as a manager to a small team of software engineers (our squads are typically three to four in size) and provide mentoring and technical leadership in DevOps across the Engineering team Plan and guide development projects from inception to delivery, managing expectations and communicating appropriately throughout Communicate technical concepts within Engineering and to the executive level as needed Provide input and feedback on requirements, technical design, and code changes, especially in the following areas: - Microservices, new service design, interservice communication, and resiliency - Database - Configuration - New infrastructure & changes to existing infrastructure and networking Contribute to the development processes and workflows used by Engineering Foster and promote a collaborative culture of learning on the Engineering team Communicate with suppliers, vendors, and technical contacts at customer partners as necessary Plan and monitor costs of hosting and scaling our systems Create documentation on technical designs, seeking feedback and engaging with peers for input Respond promptly and appropriately to emergencies and incidents of system instability or other issues **Knowledge/Skills/Abilities** - Proficiency with scripting and programming languages - Advanced knowledge of AWS or other cloud computing platforms - Knowledge of infrastructure-as-code or configuration-as-code tools like Ansible, Terraform, etc. - Knowledge of security principles in networking, cloud computing, web application development - Knowledge of principles used to scale a highly available web or application platform - Proficiency with relational databases and familiarity with data warehouses and big data concepts - Proficiency in system architecture and design, microservice architecture, and interservice communication - Ability to mentor other engineers while maintaining individual responsibilities - A “continuous improvement” mindset; independently studying knowledge gap areas and taking advantage of Kipsu's professional development program - Strong technical communication skills; ability to interface, collaborate and partner effectively and strategically with other Kipsu teams - Ability to break down complex problems into manageable pieces that can be continuously deployed to production - A proactive mindset; communicating early and often around suspected shortfalls in deliverables or timelines - Resourcefulness; ability to research and answer own questions, using creativity to tackle problems with non-obvious solutions - Ability to stay positive, be self-motivated, and work through complexity and ambiguity when needed **Required Experience** - Bachelor’s or master's degree, or equivalent experience - 5+ years of work experience in Software Engineering, DevOps, or operations - Demonstrated history of strong performance on complex or ambiguous projects - Strong experience utilizing Amazon Web Services (AWS) or other cloud computing platforms - Experience building and hosting web applications, preferably designing or influencing architecture - Experience with agile software development methodologies - Knowledge of unit testing, integration testing, and QA automation tools and techniques, and how they can be incorporated into development and deployment processes One last thing– At Kipsu, we believe that our values, success, and future as a leader in our industry require a vibrant and diverse workforce. This is one of the many challenges we seek to solve, and we are intentional and active in recruiting talent that comes from all walks of life and building an environment that is inclusive to all backgrounds. We need your contribution to our team. Please, consider rolling up your sleeves and joining us on our journey. Serious applicants will submit both a resume and cover letter. In your cover letter, please answer the following questions. - In your experience, what distinguishes an organization that practices DevOps successfully from one that does not? - How has your perspective as an engineer changed since the start of your career? We look forward to hearing from you!

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