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Posted: Apr 6, 2021

The Position:

Fuseproject is looking for a Digital Product & UI Designer in our Experience Design team, who is creative, passionate, and unwilling to compromise their drive to create stunning and engaging designed experiences that make a difference to our clients, their brand, and their customers.  

Designers on our Digital Visual/UI team apply artistry and craftsmanship to strategic insight to create and bring to life beautiful ideas that materially impact real world products. We aim to challenge convention, tell stories, bring to life brands, and operate happily in an ambiguous and creative playground.

We work in a multidisciplinary environment and look for every opportunity to merge thinking and creative output. Our process, skillsets, and outputs are a function of our broad disciplines. We are looking for the ideal candidate to bring exceptional creative thought, craft output, and to continually find opportunities to level up our work across the studio.

The UI Designer takes an active, hands-on role in leading ideation, through to detail design, and often, into implementation.  They are a passionate advocate for rigor and discipline in the design process, yet operate freely and conceptually when considering design solutions.  This important role requires broad knowledge and advanced skills in visual design, user experience, user interface, and a solid understanding of available client-side technologies.

Successful candidates will have industry leading work examples across digital products and device interfaces, apps, websites, motion, CG and traditional graphic design. They will push the state-of-the-art and challenge convention with every creation and thrive in our fast-paced studio.

Role responsibilities: 

  • Hands on UI design, concepting, ideation, and thinking big
  • Background and experience with UX and interaction design
  • Prototyping and bringing things to life
  • Ability to articulate complex solutions clearly
  • Quick-thinking, personable, and flexible
  • Ability to span the spectrum from vision, storytelling, and concepting ? to deep systematic detail design execution
  • Ideate, concept and craft unique design visions and beautiful visual languages, and lead their execution across a broad range of digital and physical products
  • Experience in the creation of design guidelines and digital brand manuals (Ability to create design guidelines and handoff design files)
  • Work closely with technologists to ensure the feasibility of your visual concepts and the fidelity of the final output
  • Ability to communicate your solutions effectively.

 Experience & Skills: 

  • Bachelor's degree or higher in User Experience, Interaction, Human Centered Design, or Graphic Design
  • 3+ years of experience in a related or relevant design role.
  • Experts in design tools (Figma, Sketch, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator etc.)
  • Experts in prototyping tools (Principle, After effect, Invision, Origami etc.)
  • A passionate, uncompromising, hands-on, designer
  • Self-motivated, excellent communication, an open mind, the ability to thrive in multidisciplinary teams, and the skills to balance great design with short deadlines
  • Exceptional examples of UI design, graphic design, typography, layout skills

Next steps:

Qualified candidates must present an online portfolio that:

  • Exhibits stylistic breadth, attention to detail, and balances beauty, innovation and usability
  • Demonstrates a passion for digital product development
  • Shows experience with diverse content and subject matter
  • Proves ability to translate high level ideas into unique visual styles and directions, and breaking those down to their individual components
  • A portfolio is an essential piece of any application for a Design role. Applicants who do not supply a link or PDF with samples of their work will unfortunately not be considered.

About fuseproject:

At fuseproject, design is about creating firsts. We focus on designing products that change people's lives, make lives better, and seeing over the horizon in order to create what's next. As a team of experienced designers with a broad, multi-disciplinary approach, we believe experience design requires a robust and hybrid skillset centred in craft.  We believe "A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, data scientist, behaviour psychologist, objective economist and evolutionary strategist" and aim to approach all our design challenges with this mind-set.

We are an industry leading integrated product design studio with a specialised and integrated team of around 100 designers, led by the well-known Yves Behar, the founder of fuseproject. Our diverse team brings a range of backgrounds and expertise that bridges disciplines and spans industries?including automotive, medical, consumer, retail, software, technology, telecommunications, finance, and many more.

Our specialist team and unique design driven leadership makes fuseproject a disruptive, relentless, ambitious and exceptional place.  We are obsessive about making a difference and come with a strong point-of-view - deploying our skills and refined taste to bridge art and science as well as emotional and economic benefits, all with fundamental grounding in product realization that ensures our work sees the light of day.

This extraordinary collection of talent, and our ability to deliver tangible transformational design, allows us to build meaningful long-term relationships with our clients and work with early stage startups, accelerators and incubators, and some of the world's most exciting brands. With them, we are afforded the opportunity to shape the future of user experience and human-centered design.

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