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Posted: Feb 9, 2019

The UCSD Department of Radiology offers challenging career opportunities cutting-edge research and state-of-the-art services for clinical and translational studies.

The Center for Multimodal Imaging and Genetics (CMIG) is a multi-disciplinary group of scientists, programmers, and support staff that plays a leading role in several national and multinational initiatives involving collection and analysis of imaging, genetic, and behavioral data from healthy controls and patient populations.

CMIG hosts the Data Analysis and Informatics Center (DAIC) of the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) study, an ongoing, NIH-funded study to follow ~12,000 children with longitudinal neuroanatomical and functional imaging across 21 sites within the US. The major goals of the study are to provide a publicly available data resource to examine the relationships between environmental influences -- including substance use -- and adolescent brain and cognitive development.

As Director of Informatics for the ABCD DAIC, lead a team of developers and data managers and oversee the design, adaptation, development, implementation, and maintenance of all technical infrastructure for ABCD data management. Maintain and develop systems for data collection, transfer, sharing, and exploration. Perform database administrative functions. Provide outreach to the ABCD community and the public in order to teach and promote the use of tools developed by the DAIC through training sessions, conference presentations, and publications.

Support the needs of ongoing studies serviced by CMIG related to data processing, analysis, and sharing. Develop software and hardware systems to assist in the distributed visualization and analysis of complex and very large data sets acquired from mostly neuroimaging modalities for several large national and international data collection efforts. Develop novel methods for data exploration. Develop and maintain software infrastructure that can be deployed to collaborating institutions and that combines a visualization environment and data exploration tools.

Uses skills as an advanced, specialized bioinformatics programming professional with an in-depth understanding of computational algorithms and systems to identify and resolve a wide range of highly complex issues /software bugs where analysis of situations or data requires an in-depth evaluation of variable factors. May lead or mentor a team of bioinformatics programming professionals.


  • Bachelor's degree in biological science, computational/programming, or related area and / or equivalent experience/training.

  • Five (5) or more years of relevant experience.

  • In-depth knowledge of bioinformatics methods, applications programming, web development and data structures.

  • In-depth knowledge of bioinformatics programming design, modification and implementation.

  • Advanced understanding of relational databases, web interfaces and operating systems. Advanced demonstrated knowledge/experience in a specified computing environment and operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and one or more graphical application development environment, such as Java, C++, along with appropriate graphical application development libraries.

  • Advanced project management skills. Strong ability to prioritize workload and work effectively. Strong ability to organize and follow complicated tasks through to completion.

  • In-depth knowledge of modern biology and applicable field of research.

  • Advanced interpersonal skills in order to work with both technical and non-technical personnel at all levels in the organization, including senior project leadership.

  • Ability to communicate technical information in a clear and concise manner. This includes the ability to calibrate communication to the appropriate level of the user's technical understanding. Skill at clearly and concisely communicating detailed information over the phone, in writing, and in person. Ability to communicate well with both individuals and groups.

  • Advanced ability to interface with management on a regular basis. Ability to communicate effectively with technical managers and PIs.

  • Ability to lead a team, meet deadlines and demonstrate advanced problem solving skills. Demonstrated experience in problem-solving techniques with database software supporting administrative information systems.

  • In-depth knowledge of web, application and data security concepts and methods. Extensive experience with web design and database management. Advanced experience with Java and database software (MySQL, Postgres, Oracle), web services, and XML.

  • Extensive experience with scientific programming in C, C++, GPGPU, CUDA and OpenCL, php, python, nodejs/electron, and scripting with bash.

  • Experience with cross-platform software development under Linux, Windows, Mac and experience with scripting languages such as PERL, TCL, ITK, Python, PHP and Matlab.

  • Demonstrated ability to generate shell scripts and create cron jobs.

  • Demonstrated experience administering Unix servers, Beowulf clusters and desktop environments. Demonstrated ability to manage network policy, procedure and protocols.

  • Advanced demonstrated knowledge of a specified operating environment or database management system such as UNIX or Oracle. Knowledge of Structured Query Language, scripting capabilities, and advanced internal manipulations of database or operating system.

  • Strong working knowledge of radiological objects and understanding of the complexity and schema of radiological data structure and common data formats.

  • Experience with relevant operating system commands, databases, communication protocols, and system utilities.

  • Demonstrated experience with brain mapping software, tomographic reconstruction, deformable models, shape analysis and general numerical simulations.

  • Demonstrated expertise in medical image analysis and visualization knowledge of and experience with commercial software packages such as Analyze and Amira preferred. Experience with formats for data interchange such as DICOM, PACS and Whole Slice Imaging (WSI) formats for digital pathology.

  • Demonstrated experience with implementing a multi-site data collection with systems using REDCap with REDCap API expertise. Skills in implementing hooks and plugins to improve the reliability of data collection in REDCap. ra Pappendick Miralles. Experience with REDCap and Confluence administration.


  • M.S or Ph.D. level degree in Computer Science or comparable combination of education and experience with considerable focus in scientific programming.

  • Demonstrated expertise in Neuroscience and medical imaging

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