Freelance 3D Animator

Posted: Jun 10, 2020

 Appincubator is looking for a Freelance 3D Animator

Company Profile
Appincubator Inc is a Canadian company established in 2012, we have our branches in all major cities like Seattle, Ontario, Chicago, Boston. We established in India as-well a year ago. AppIncubator has collaborated with hundreds of organizations to build robust & innovative applications that have impacted the lives of people across the world. A primary reason for AppIncubator's rapid growth has been its differentiated approach to solving today's complex challenges. At AppIncubator, we understand that technical solutions should be driven by the underlying business goals, target audiences and processes, therefore, we practice & preach a top-down approach to software development

Job Description:

Expertise in 3D animation/rigging packages such as 3DS Max/Maya, as well as in real-time engines like Unity3D Working knowledge of common production packages (Photoshop)
Develop production quality animation assets; keyframed in a variety of styles ranging from realistic to fantasy
Exhibit a strong understanding of the fundamental principles of animation
Perform research and reference gathering to acquire the necessary knowledge to perform assigned animation tasks

Experience-2+ years


Job Type ?Part-Time/Freelancing


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