Freelance Illustrators & Animators Needed

Posted: Jul 24, 2020

We are a Boston based animation and production studio working with several leading brands across the US.  Our reputation is well respected in the industry.


We are seeking freelance illustrators & animators for ongoing project work.  If you are comfortable illustrating characters or elements for a motion graphics video then you should consider apply for our illustrator roles.  If you are only comfortable animating a project and are really talented at both motion graphics & character animation then you should consider applying.   We are looking for both illustrators and animators and if you are one of those super talented people that can do both at a very high level then we'd love to talk with you as well. 


Working with a point of contact, you'll be illustrating or animating (or both) and editing video across a broad range of industries.  


The ideal candidate will have a wide production portfolio that spans several kinds of projects and industries/brands.  You're okay with a role that doesn't limit you as an editor or motion designer, but lets you create using visual storytelling.




Design and execute on-brand motion graphic treatments.

Provide Storyboard & Style Samples.  We will provide you with the script, storyboard, and mood board. 


Illustrate & Animate based on text based concepts that are provided to you.


Encode, export, and manage final compositions, digital assets and project archives.





The ideal candidate will have several years' experience and full hands on proficiency with After Effects and Adobe CS.


Previous production experience or exceptional artistic skills/abilities in CGI as well as traditional artwork.


Self-driven, good communicator and a great team-player.


 An excellent understanding of classic animation principles and fundamentals.


Understand the importance of hitting agreed upon timelines.


Ability to communicate visually, and to identify and define visual design issues and solutions


Education Level:


Art-related degree preferred and/or comparable professional experience

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