Sparkypants Studios: Front End Designer/Developer (Baltimore, MD)

Posted: Nov 10, 2016

Hey, you! Yeah, you! The one hiding behind the stack of game cartridges and slumped so low in your chair you can't even see over the keyboard.
Don't be shy. We see you. More than that, we NEED you.
Sparkypants has a You-shaped hole in our video game development team, and it needs filling. Honest. We're not talking simple coding skills and art chops, no, we're talking Vision, with a capital "V". We need the kind of Front-End Developer who lives on the edge, dabbling in the dark sorceries of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, a designer who isn't afraid to cross the streams of backend code and frontend aesthetic to create something that leaves players speechless. If you love video games, dream in UI, and occasionally lapse into HMTL in conversation, don't get spooked. Get help. Sparkypants, we your cure. 
So, put down that coffee. Seriously. Put it down and contact Sparkypants right now. Right. Now.

Our ideal candidate is:

Experienced in front end web work. (Must have at least three years experience. We’re open to highly talented newcomers to the game industry all the way up to savvy veterans with many years of experience.)
Fluent in HTML/CSS
Familiar with JavaScript
Expert with Photoshop
Hard working
Team playing
Game enthusiast.

Extreme attention to detail and experience creating responsive layouts.

Other plusses:

C++ experience.
Canvas experience.
Moba/Rts experience.
Performance/Optimization experience.

How to Apply:

Cover letter, resume, and online portfolio link should be emailed to [email protected]

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