Front End / Full-Stack Developer (Remote)

Posted: Apr 3, 2021

Hi and welcome to the Miller Group! As per the job post, we are seeking a front-end developer who will work with our head of visual experience design and head of branding. 

We take care of digital for service providers so they can focus on what they can do best. We build trust, bridge communication and create more meaningful, long-term relationships between service providers and their clients. 

Your role would be taking the visual art strategically designed by our team and express it through code to reflect onto a website. You need to know CSS/HTML/JS and design on Wordpress/Shopify/etc. We esentially need someone who can take a blank canvas and code our creative work onto it for our clients. Full-stack would be amazing, as we are experienced in app design and adding this to our range of services would be extraordinary. 

Let's talk about you

Our vibrant team is comprised of experienced, passionate and amazing individuals who love helping and making a difference in the lives of others, making it a great working atmosphere for you. We are humble, kind, love working with others and want to help. We are motivated, engaged, collaborate in a team and want to make an impact inn the lives of others with our work. 

We will supply you with a plethora of masterclasses and training materials to elevate your craft, have fun, virtual team-building experiences (like EscapeRooms) and all working towards maximum impact

Please feel welcome to apply and send us a personal message to arrange an interview. We look forward to whole-heartedly meeting you! 

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