SocialCops: Frontend Engineer at SocialCops (New Delhi, India) (New Delhi, India)

Posted: Feb 13, 2019

 TL;DR: We're looking for an exceptional Frontend Engineer to join our Engineering Team and help us take our products across the world!


Frontend Engineers at SocialCops are responsible for much more than just implementing visual elements that users see and interact with in a web application. Our team works on building world-class user experiences for our customers across the globe, along with building great developer experiences too. We collaborate closely with others in the Product and Engineering Teams to build, test and release new features. At the core of everything, we build for the users. This means also working with the Sales and Marketing Teams to optimize the product to fit business needs.

We are a small team solving big challenges. Hence, everyone in the team has a lots of ownership over the product and a say in the product roadmap. You can read here more about our products Transform & Collect

We use VueBackbone and Electron to create interactive web and desktop applications that help our users easily collect and manage their data at scale. We test our products before deploying using Jest and Cypress.


    • You will collaborate with diverse team members, analyze product requirements, and implement elegant scalable solutions.

    • You will build libraries, reusable components, and frameworks that support complex web applications.


    • You have strong awareness and keep up to date with the latest industry trends and developments.

    • You have experience with multiple frontend frameworks or are proficient in at least one frontend framework.

    • You have a knack for experimenting and trying out the latest technologies.

    • You have strong critical thinking skills — i.e. you demonstrate the ability to deconstruct a problem into its base components and figure out the most effective way to solve it.


    • You understand the basics of UI/UX principles and frameworks.

    • You love to optimize web applications for faster performance.

    • You have a disciplined approach to writing unit tests and ensuring code quality.

    • You have excellent communication skills.

    • You are not afraid to jump into the backend code for a quick fix.

    • You have experience working on large-scale software products.

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