Genius Product Designer (UI/UX) / 4 Day week

Posted: Apr 20, 2021

We are looking for a craftsperson of human experiences

You are a designer because creating something to improve people's life is what drives you, right?

Thinking of better solutions is what makes it fun and interesting but maybe you have found yourself in a place where bureaucracy, process and politics are getting in the way. Don't lose hope, you are one of the lucky ones if you found this job post! This is the path back to the purity of what design is all about: People

We have a very interesting and unique challenge for you. We work with construction projects which presents a fascinating design challenge that NO ONE has managed to crack. That's right, construction - which is 10% of the global economy - is pretty much completely un-digitised, and the few products that do exist are just plain horrible.

You see, the construction site is a fascinating place with people from all walks of life, a range of characters, highly skilled craftspeople, labourers, engineers and project managers, all coming together to build something. Designing for this environment is very special because our design needs to be highly intuitive and enjoyable for our diverse users. This means it needs the simplicity of design as a consumer app like Instagram but with the raw power and capability of an enterprise platform needed to keep these complex projects on track. 

So what makes us different from the rest? What makes us think we can do what others have failed at time and time again? Well, we are self-funded by our own construction consultancy business, which means we have time to do things right and have full control over what we do and when. We have a deep connection with the construction world - we have worked there for years - so we know its people and its problems thoroughly, and we base our vision and philosophy on this.

As a Product Designer, you will be working closely in a tight knit team with developers, with the founders and most importantly with the construction people. You will be involved in projects from kick-off to launch, defining the problem, conducting research, exploring design solutions, and validating those decisions with users and stakeholders.

We build the very fabric of civilisation: Roads, Rail, Water, Power, Communications, Energy, Manufacturing, Ports and Buildings. Join us as we revolutionise this industry.


Who we are (We are pretty serious about this part!)

The first thing people notice when they meet us is how kind we all are and how supportive we all are. That's because of our philosophy.

The next bit may seem a bit dramatic but our team exists so that we can work in a community that:

  • Connects us with meaningful relationships
  • Inspires us to develop ourselves to become better humans
  • Empowers us to learn new things just for the fun of it

With this we can achieve the highest levels of value for the customer, the industry and the world.


A bit more about the what it will be like

  • A team of 10 developers (and growing) backed up by our team of 35 construction experts.
  • Work 4 days a week - This makes life more balanced and productive.
  • Work in 6 weeks cycles - following Basecamp's Shape Up model.
  • Have a big influence on the direction of the products.
  • Remote first - We work remote as default, and will treat our office as a community centre.


What are we looking for?

Your Persona = Our Persona

  • Be proactive, autonomous and pragmatic. 
  • Be able to take quick decisions in a fast pace environment
  • Be collaborative, humble and authentic.
  • Hands on. Persistent. Patient. Creative.
  • Be at ease with remote working.


Hard Skills

  • Minimum 3 years of UI/UX design experience for software, web applications or/and mobile devices
  • Experience through the full cycle of product design, and a solid understanding of UX & UI principles and patterns
  • Experience in working with a design system, but also being able to go through it if necessary
  • An interesting portfolio that shows your skills
  • Experience in using Figma, Sketch or similar



  • Good command of English in both speaking and writing
  • Clear, concise, and articulate communication skills and an ability to work closely with creative, technical, and business stakeholders
  • Proactive about seeking feedback and explaining designs to engineers, product managers and other designers


Why join us?

  • Full time pay but 4 day work week!
  • Performance/capability related salary - Pure meritocracy
  • Real, comprehensive and tailored development planning to boost the speed of you reaching your personal and professional potential
  • We care about people - We aren't a company, we are a team
  • Working closely with the founders in a tight knit team
  • You will be supported to excel in whichever areas you are most interested in. We think development should be unbounded!


One last important bit to ensure you apply properly

We get hundreds of applications, so please include a short summary/cover letter explaining why you want to join us. We aren't a giant faceless corporation, we care about the people who want to join our team so all letters will be read by several of our leaders.


Come and work with us! Send an email to [email protected]

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