Graphic Design Internship 6 months

Posted: Nov 20, 2022


We are opening applications for our next VIS Creator Graphic design internship. We are  A community of women in sport inspiring each other to change more than just the game.  VIS® is a digital membership platform which is on a mission to bring more visibility to women and elevate their voice.

We are looking for a talented designers who are seeking to gain more experience in a small startup.

The Candidate

  • will be remote
  • -has some level of experience creating grpahics 

-can take design direction and run with it

-looking to get experience at a fast growing company with a great cause helping young girls stay in sport.



You will be working clsely with a 20yr veteran in the industry who has worked for Nike on, Jordan, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant,   Get insights on building your own brand as a deisgner as well as contrubutng to content which makes a difference in girls lives as we advocate for change.


 *please note this is an unpaid 6month internship with the potential of turning into a full time paid role upon completion.

More Information

Source: Behance

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