Graphic Designer, Art Director

Posted: Jun 13, 2020

This is a trial run. We are looking for a graphic designer or creative/art director, who is proficient in the Adobe Creative suite. We are looking for original thinkers and skillful artists. 

This job is for Mohini Magazine. We are a magazine run by college students for college students, untouched by any elite brands or designer names. Our fashion magazine is unlike any other, so we require unique thinkers for this job. We cover the styles of college students from all around the globe--average, college-going students. But we believe that ordinary isn't so ordinary. That is why our magazine develops a very intimate experience between our readers and our magazine's subjects. You can hear the favorite songs of the subjects we showcase, their stories which capture their essence in a drop, and their most intimate personalities and psychologies. By the time you've read one subject's portfolio, you will understand one thing: once you know the person's psychology, you know their style. This is a lookbook that takes you personality shopping. 

Your job will be to create a style portfolio for one of our subjects. We will provide you with all the content, writing, etc., and answer any questions you have. If you can provide us with a better designed page than we can think of, then you are invited to join us for future work! 

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