Graphic designer for Mixed Media Project

Posted: May 22, 2020

What is it all about? The greeting card business is booming. 80% of greeting card buyers are women. And there is potentially a niche untapped. Let me give you a hint: it involves shirtless guys grin

The project: This project is starting the initial phase: testing assumptions, testing the market. The testing would be done via a small package of 5 designed greeting cards on Amazon/Etsy.

Who am I? I am working within the advertising industry as a freelancer (project management, marketing) now for 14 years (clients like Coca-Cola, BMW). With the desire to branch out, try something different as well. Originally from Germany, currently in Rio de Janeiro. 

Who are you: Graphic designer, equipped with Drawing Tablet, drawing skills (or want to further improve on it), friendly and potentially anywhere in the world (we will get time zones managed).

Payment: Cards on the table - there is no payment unless this project is successful! Share of profit starting at 40%, getting to 30/20% the more gets sold.

Next step: If you are interested say "Hi", send some exemplary work and if it fits I send you the detailed briefing so we can get together (virtually).


Stay safe and all the best


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