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Posted: Jan 22, 2023

Apply for our VIRTUAL and REMOTE internship position at ASSUAGED, a MAKERSPACE and growing charitable organic plant-based corporation that is disabled military veteran-owned. We are a non-judgmental vegan brand advocating for Public Health.


There is a shortage of internship programs because most organizations do not spend time and money training students "hoping" that trainees can become equipped with the experience they need. According to the Harvard Business Review, it takes an average of six months to master a skill. Our primary business model involves hosting students by helping them become more hirable to FIND A JOB. >>


We are INCLUSIVE of ALL PEOPLE regardless of age, color, disability, gender, gender expression, gender identity, genetic information, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or veteran status.

Selected candidates will be approved to work in a real-life GRAPHIC DESIGN AGENCY SETTING.

During these times, the world is changing, and TECHNOLOGY is now taking over. Our unique proprietary health tech solution ASSUAGED is becoming known to the masses as our growing team proactively works together in a supportive, like-minded environment.

ROLE >> Graphic design students are responsible for working with our internal graphic design agency, learning from the project management process, and fulfilling individual design requests following Assuaged's professional branding standards. Students are involved in defining requirements, visualizing, and creating graphics, including illustrations, logos, layouts, and photos. Duties include shaping the visual aspects of websites, books, magazines, product packaging, exhibitions, and more.


Also, check out our celebrity mentorship video featuring our stakeholder successor and serial entrepreneur Jeff Hoffman >> and  

MORE ABOUT US >> We have an award-winning proprietary app and website backed by our celebrity developer, Creative27. A few of C27's big client projects include and Dr. Dre's app Beats, which was later sold to Apple.

The Assuaged website, app, and our story have been shared multiple times across media news outlets. Our greatest asset is our specialized dream team of diverse health experts.

Together, we are stronger and diligently work to ensure the best ROI while building allegiance and engaging users at every touchpoint.

Assuaged's motto is 'Be Your Healthiest and Live Longer'.

NOTE: We are not the right fit if you need paid opportunities. We recommend starting a Fiverr profile and building cliental relationships in your niche of expertise. If you don't know where your strongest skill sets are, the Assuaged program might be a good fit for you, so you can actively build skills by having access to the MANY "in-kind" educational incentives we offer to our exclusive students.

Assuaged spends thousands for leading technology softwares to host students making them more hirable. This is our current business model until we monetize and can afford to create internal hires. Please consider looking around on Chegg,, or LinkedIn. It's important to be very specific about what keywords you search for in your hiring niche.

Also, check out ZipRecruiter and Handshake for potential paid opportunities!

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