Graphic Designer

Posted: Jul 9, 2020

Company Overview

Everplate Kitchens is one of Indonesia's first independent cloud kitchens, leasing commercial kitchens optimized for delivery-only restaurants. We currently have 50+ F&B brand partners including Salad Stop, Mangkokku, Red Dog, Martabak Orient and more. Our first location is in Kemang, South Jakarta with two facilities in West Jakarta nearing the end of construction and many more launching soon.
We currently have 50+ brand partners including Salad Stop, Mangkokku, Martabak Orient and more. Essentially, we are Your Go-to Online Food Court, providing a wide selection of foods and cuisines.

Job Description:

- Create brand guidelines to strengthen Everplate Kitchens brand identity through external marketing assets
- Design graphics, video animation, and create a content plan for social media postings
- Plan and manage social media campaigns to drive awareness and exposure for Everplate Kitchens and our F&B brand partners
- Research social media and design trends to effectively bridge marketing plan to graphical content

Additional skills:
- Food styling and photography
- Design, edit, and retouch photos with high standards of quality
- Create design, video animation, and basic videography for other advertising, operational and promotional assets (posters, banners, infographic etc.)

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