Graphic Designer

Posted: Jul 26, 2022

Graphic Designer


We are looking for a graphic designer with a strong sense of composition to join our marketing team. Primary work would include working with the marketing team to create collateral, especially app store screenshots, icon changes and more. Secondary work would include other marketing collateral, for outside app store marketing (social media, email marketing).


About us


We are a remote-first company that makes Math really fun for kids, with math games. Our award-winning math games have been downloaded millions of times. We are profitable, growing (still <20 people) and are looking for people who really want to make a difference in kids' lives by helping more parents discover our products. 


What will you achieve:


Help more parents discover and understand our products, with high quality graphics that attract their attention. Increase our conversion rates at different funnel points with the help of better design. 


What will you do:


  • Research screenshot ideas from apps in and outside our category, to see what is working. 

  • Work with the marketing team to collaborate on screenshot and icon ideas based on marketing objectives. 

  • Take the ideas and prototype compositions for faster feedback/iteration. Take the prototypes to final production graphics. Iterate based on results till objectives are achieved. 

  • Work with artists to create new art assets whenever needed, to use in your compositions. 

  • Take part in customer interviews to better understand them and how they make decisions when choosing apps. 

  • Making sure that the collateral look attractive in the actual devices where they are seen. 

  • Learn new tools as and when needed. Ideally you already know how to use Photoshop and Figma, but at the very least you are familiar with at least one design tool and can master others quickly. 


What you won't be expected to do:


  • Creating new art assets, especially new characters or redrawing character art. This is a good-to-have ability, but not essential - you will work with artists to get the original artwork you need. 

  • Designing A/B tests, looking at data to determine which iterations are working. Again, this is a good-to-have skill, but you'll work with marketers who will do the heavy lifting here.

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