Graphic Designer

Posted: May 23, 2020

Solo Brightest is looking for a graphic designer who will be able to conceptualize the aesthetic package of the brand. Lettering, logo and graphics for web are all needed. 

Solo Brightest is an LA based label and artist collective. It's mission is to put a spotlight on artists who are firm in their independence, unapologetically unique and culterally aware. Our genre leans left-of-center pop and R&B. 

What Solo Brightest is: Exclusive, bold, unafraid, down-to-earth, a lifestyle; not an event, happy to be advertised, free-thinking, independent, unbothered, quality


What Solo Brightest is not: Elegant, soft spoken, corporate, obedient, quantity 

Solo Brightest is associated with: Bold lettering, colors you'd want to swim in, simplicity, palm trees, pineapples, speakeasies

Where you'd see Solo Brightest: Melrose street, Urban Outfitters, spray painted on California sidewalks

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Source: Behance

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