Graphic Novel / Comic Book Artist

Posted: Jun 28, 2020

Do you want to work on the Snowlands graphic novel?

As we focus on making our feature film Snowlands a reality, we are also producing a graphic novel version of the film.

We are looking for an experienced comic book artist to create the art and final pages of the book.

This is a remote position.


  • Creating the thumbnails, sketches, and final line-work for a full-length graphic novel (coloring and lettering abilities aren't required)
  • Following a detailed graphic novel script, but adding professional input when needed
  • Keeping up with deadlines and delivering materials on time


  • Professional experience working on at least 1 published graphic novel
  • Realistic drawing abilities depicting different types of wildlife in an anatomical accurate manner
  • Versatility and ability to adapt to existing styles and designs

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Source: Behance

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