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Posted: Jan 5, 2023

TopFoxx is a rapidly-growing, women-owned start-up founded in New York City, that develops unique, innovative women's eyewear and accessories, centered around a mission of charity and commitment towards sustainability. We are currently seeking a Freelance Graphic designer who can bring this mission to life through graphics, marketing content, and unique designs that are cohesive across all platforms.  

As a freelance designer, this individual will be responsible for implementing unique, innovative and strategic ideas from our creative and marketing designs into strong, trend-focused, clean designs under strict deadlines. 

Depending on the growth and performance, this position has the ability to become a full-time Lead Designer in our company. Whether in the freelance or full-time position, this individual is expected to bring unique concepts to the team, elevate their abilities and continuously enhance the brand image over time through deep trend research, professional growth, and consistent attention to customer needs.

Our employees embrace challenges, feedback, opportunities to support their coworkers, and align themselves tightly with our Core Values, Mission and Vision. Working at TopFoxx means pushing boundaries, centering all ideas around market, industry and trend/data research and analysis, and maintaining fierce accountability for your role and company success in a fast-paced, high-standard environment. You will work directly with our CEO and founder, other high-level management members and a team of highly skilled individuals to collaborate and develop. 

Key Responsibilities:

Design initiatives include:

  • Email Marketing Layouts
  • Website design (product pages, landing pages, banners, etc.), 
  • Social Media Graphics/Posts, 
  • Photo Editing (products, post photoshoots, etc.), 
  • Gif/Animation Design, 
  • Video Design (Adobe Premiere, In-App design for social media, etc.), 
  • Packaging Designs (product packages, accessory logo design, etc.), 
  • Editorial Design (linesheets, catalogues, etc.)
  • 3-D Designs (a major plus.)

Develop creative material independently - research and strategizing, concept development, design and edits.

Use creative and innovative ideas to develop exciting and intriguing content that will engage our followers, attract new audiences, and increase awareness of the brand products and mission.

Collaborate closely with our Creative Director, Marketing Managers, and Graphic/Video design teams to determine aesthetic direction.

Responsible for the production and distribution of photography and videography across all channels - including Instagram and TikTok.

Required Experience & Skills:

  • 3+ years of experience in graphic design and creative collaboration within the global fashion industry.  
  • Must be comfortable producing and editing both photos and videos on each platform - Instagram, TikTok, Adobe Suite.
  • Strong proficiency in Adobe Suite - also willingness to improve skills in this software, including new programs and features added.
  • Experience with relevant tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, are a must.

  • A keen eye for luxury fashion aesthetics and design, high-level understanding of trends in the fashion, ecommerce and global landscape, and detailed focus on concept development is a must.  

  • Must be able to thrive in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment, with forecasting ability and forward planning is crucial.  

  • The ideal candidate will have experience being hands-on in creative ideation and willingness to take on all aspects of the design process, with urgency, a positive attitude and exceptional eye for detail.  

  • Must be flexible in hours worked per week, as we are a seasonal company - willing to work more during key seasons and events, and ensure tasks are completed in a timely manner and deadlines are met.


Project based payment, this prices will range dependent on length & intensity of projects 


We will give 3-5 days notice for completion of specific projects, including feedback and adjustments.

Thank you for your time in reading through this opportunity and your interest in working with TopFoxx! We wish you the best of luck in job search!

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