Head of Design in a system change startup

Posted: Jul 30, 2020

Once is the catalyst. 

An environment for ultimate creativity and impact. Integrating coliving, film/media, tech and collaboration into a small scale, protoype society. 

A network of trust from recommended freelancers enables a sharing economy to be grown from community, based on our fundamental human nature.

Applying the latest innovations in blockchain tech around identity, data and governance lays the blueprint for a fundamental different type of organisation primed to act as a great attractor. 

Applying deep insights and aligned incentives will allow us to craft teams and provide sophisticated but simple tools for creative collaboration. 
This allows for team curation capable of disrupting traditional agency models and provides the most talented freelancers with the long term benefits usually restricted to permenant roles. 

Our currnet niche is in film and content strategy creating high end concept films. Presenting visions for the future allows gives us the capability to be the ones shaping it. 
Our end goal is a multi-disciplinary coliving campus. Recreating the draws of the city while bringing new possibilities through shared tech, equipment and education. 

We are looking for someone who isn't scared to step into the unknown. Open minded enough to question their own conditioning and assumptions. Passionately driven to design something of real impact in the world that will affect generations to come. Who feels stifled in their creative environment and imagines something far better among community.
Someone who believes in the power of design to suspend disbelief about the future. 

Our civilisation needs to be redesigned to continue. And it can start small. 

What's the mission

Currently we are facing a global economic crisis. Many companies and agencies are pulling back, worried for the future. This is a time in which there will be a lot of spare capacity with very few resources.

But the fact is that we are the economy. And this is what Once is here to prove.

We will create trust networks via a stack of blockchain technologies that allows people to vouch for each-other, and enable flexible secure collaboration between each member. We will enable them to leverage each-others skills and create a name for themselves in an environment geared for their success.

The collective takes a cut of commercial projects organised through the network and freelancers work for 25% less than their usual market rate. A cut is also taken of collaborative projects but singular jobs are part of the sharing economy between members.

Collecting and connecting the under-recognised creatives and doers and giving them space the capability to create will open up vital innovation and communication in a time where its so needed.

What will it take?

That will depend how willing you are to dive in. But this can also begin fairly small. We are currently halfway through a website launch so we are looking for someone to guide the brand and design in a way that represents the unique positioning.

Past the website launch the design would be variable and workable around lifestyle. Pitch proposals and templates. Brand guidance of the motion graphics concept films. Concept UI design on the tech platform later on.

What do I get?

This will very much depend on your own priorities, needs and level and we would need to work to find something tailored.

The primary motivation for this should be the purpose as we are building community and having a core team member orientated towards big returns may compromise our values. Saying that we do expect you to be rewarded with a healthy salary or per project fee once we achieve product market fit. But currently it is expected that you are at a position in design where you can sustain yourself with it

However the main reward will likely come in lifestyle and self actualisation. We want to create a family for you thats there through thick and thin. We want to enable you to achieve the highest purpose you were set out for. The collective should give you the opportunity to truly express your creativity and potential long term.

Reputation within the community itself would allow you to better crowdsource ideas, feedback, lead your own projects, hold weight for collective decisions and be prioritised in living for the festivals and coliving. This can be used to complement

Equity would also be suitable for this role long term as we are ideally looking for a key team member. This would be based on commitment and be dynamic to contribution.

You should also get a friend and lifelong partner in everything you intend to make for yourself in life.

Must have:

  • Experience working with clients directly
  • Experience working in UI / UX design
  • Highly purpose driven
  • Able to lead teams
  • Great communicator & team player
  • Versatile (willing to take up anything that needs doing)
  • Self motivated (enjoys owning a project's craft and quality)

Ideal characteristics  

  • Highly knowledgable about design fundamentals and theory
  • Strong interest in film and narrative
  • Knowledgeable about design and agile workflows.
  • Knowledgable of 3D packages
  • Experimented with fractals patterns
  • Understanding or experience in motion design

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