Hi-Res Blender Genius, Stills only.

Posted: May 3, 2021



I'm a 26 year old visual artist in Vienna. My upcoming body of work will almost exclusively be 3D Renders printed and framed in custom frames and exhibited.


Now, I'm alright in blender, but I'm really missing that extra mile to make it truly perfect.

My Works are Huge - usually 20.000px by 10.000px and look like Staged Photographs for the most part. All very photorealistic. They're gonna be printed and framed.


This is definitely a freelance gig. I'm young and all myself but would pay at least 12€/hour or project-based payment.


I'm looking for someone in Vienna who can help me when I'm unable to do something high end or occasionally model something complex.

Someone, who can be my blender genius : )


No Education required, just mad skill yo.


you can check out my photographic work here: www.zappella.art


So if you wanna work with a young artist and occasionally do  some crazy stuff, write me : )


Thanks for Reading,


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