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Posted: Aug 3, 2022

Looking for an amazing designer to help me out with some cute & cool designs for my swimwear line I am willing to launch. The line should embody a free spirited vibe, that is artful & playful, conscious thinking and a treat to one's sense of sight and touch. I will firstly focus on beach towels, bathing suits, trunks and beach bags/ key chains. Stripes, checks, polka dots, fruity exotic prints, spiritual and artful prints, objects and designs will be predominant. I just added some inspirational images but will send you more later.
It should really feel like a mixture between hippie 70s vibe prints and fonts (when rubix cubes and lava lamps were in), carribean beach vibes (waves, surf boards, sand, sea, and all the elements outside), spiritual signs like the sun and the moon and words that transfer love and light. Also a jellyfish, octopus or camel and other spirit animal would do it.

I need somebody who's willing to work together with me, wants to hear me out about my ideas, and of course is willing to inspire me with ideas and then design the prints we need.
There is no hurry, and I don't want to pay hourly but preferably for the total job... I am willing to have the designs done beginning of October.
let me know who's in for the job!

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