Illustrator for children’s book

Posted: Jun 30, 2020

I'm writing a book who's intended audience is for non-verbal children with Autism who rely partially on visuals for communication. I'm looking to find an illustrator that create images rich in color, imagination and emotion.

My book will feature an inquisitive Black child, at different ages in her journey to adulthood, who is quirky, distracted, disheveled, audacious, smart and confident.

Each page will represent a letter of the alphabet (in order) and have one-to-two common, relative words per page.

For example:

A             -              would be for Apple and Ant. I envision a girl with braids or a ponytail, who is somewhat distracted, eating an apple while walking ... stepping over a line of ants.

D             -              would be for Dog. I envision a girl being pulled down the street while walking her dog or maybe sitting at a table eating and a dog trying to eat her food.

M            -              would be for Mommy. These kids are IN LOVE with their Moms. Either they're all over them or if they're obsessing over something (like computer or reading) they want to know where their moms are or want them close.

S              -              would be for Slay. While we may think these kids dress odd they think they Slay and are confident about it. 

There will be up to 26 illustrations.

I'm not looking for a full page illustration as the background will be white, for each page.

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