Illustrator for Coloring Books

Posted: Jan 17, 2023


We are looking to hire four candidates in the next week or two. Make sure to carefully review everything below before you apply.


Our company publishes coloring books for adults and kids under the Jade Summer brand. We have worked with a variety of artists and will be adding new books to our collection this year. View our products on

Job Overview

  • Illustrator for adult coloring books.
  • $20 USD per hour paid weekly.
  • 20 hours per week.
  • Work remotely from home.
  • Employee, not independent contractor.
  • Deliverables are coloring pages for each book.
  • Collaborate with business owner via Slack.
  • Each book has one illustrator creating all line-art.
  • Pixel-based or vector-based illustrations.
  • Respecting copyrights of others is always a priority.
  • Our goal is to work with you during 2023 and 2024.


  • Line-art in your portfolio.
  • Personal website with resume.
  • Graduated from art school.
  • 5+ years paid work experience as illustrator (part-time or full-time).
  • Primarily work as illustrator, not graphic designer.

When You Apply

  • Applicants without requirements above will not be considered.
  • Provide a concise introduction message.
  • Include a link to your personal website.
  • If you applied to us previously, please do not apply again.

Thank you,


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