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Posted: Dec 20, 2018

Waxploitation (check out is a record label based in Los Angeles, but we have music artists from around the world.  Dancehall artists like DeeWunn, and Stush.  Brazilian Baile funk artists like Leo Justi, and Ruxell.   And more.  :}

We can't seem to keep up with our release schedule because we we have tons of music, but not enough album covers.

In the past, we've collaborated with folks like James Jean, MASA, Ronzo, Jacob Escobedo, and more.

Right now we are doing a lot with just text.   Hand drawn, colorful text.

Our budget is $250 per cover.   But once we're in a groove with someone, it could end up being 10 covers.    Again, it's mostly just text (artist name, song title).   We need several done pretty quickly.  :}

Thank you.  

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