Apple: Instructional Designer, AI/ML at Apple (Cupertino, CA) (Cupertino, CA)

Posted: Nov 9, 2019

Imagine what you can accomplish at Apple. We design products and services loved by people around the world, and we revolutionize entire industries. Behind every ambitious idea is a team of Apple employees, committed to the hard work it takes to make a dream become a reality. Developing opportunities for our employees to come togetherto learn, to share, and to encourage one anotheris essential to our work. It builds a sense of wonder and possibility that leads to the kind of innovation only Apple can deliver.

We share a passion for building learning that challenges people and drives them to do their best work! We love helping others find new ways to learn and grow. We get excited by the challenge of customizing for different learners, different roles, and different geos.

Are you motivated by helping people learn and develop? Do you thrive in a dynamic work environment? Do you want to work in one of the fastest growing markets in tech? Do you enjoy using technology to make learning more dynamic and engaging? Join the AI/ML University team and design learning programs as unique as youd expect from Apple!

- You'll design and build content for a variety of learning platforms and delivery typesincluding web-based, classroom, and virtual classroomthat meet Apple's high standards of quality and innovation.

- Youll use technology to achieve learning objectives through video, simulations, games, and interactive media.

- Youll drive the entire training development lifecycle, using principles of adult learning and industry design standards such as the ADDIE model.

- Youll decide on the best methodologies to align objectives with content and activities, so you can build learning programs that promote application, retention, and sustained behavior change.

- Youll apply principles of graphic design to communicate visually through text, graphics and rich media.

- Youll develop project plans and timelines that set achievable goals and deliver high-quality results

- Youll become an authority on people, processes, and strategies in order to deliver results that reflect the high quality and elegant style of the Apple brand.

- Youll build learning content for multicultural and global audiences.

- Youll work under tight deadlines with minimal supervision in a fast-paced, dynamic environment where quality, creativity and accountability are tradition.

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