Junior Graphic Designer

Posted: Jan 13, 2021

Job Title: Junior Designer

Location:  Manhattan, NY


Full Circle Brands mission: 

FC Brands is home to brands that believe in creating a business of change ? We give consumers the ability to make smarter choices, providing solutions that are thoughtfully designed, better for you, your family and the world. (Fullcirclehome.com drinksoma.com)


Why this role exists: The Junior Designer will have the opportunity to experience and learn the inner-workings of Full Circle Brands - a company focused on making products that make everyday life simpler and more beautiful, helping people minimize their impact on the planet.

You will report to and partner with the Lead Designer to execute the brands' creative brand and communication strategy. You will be responsible to make sure all creative assets are consistent with the brands look and feel and are flawlessly executed. These will include, but are not limited to, digital advertising, web, video, print collateral, catalogs, photo shoots, packaging, sales materials, tradeshow and logo designs.


What's in it for me? Every day here is a little bit different, but always dynamic and exciting with lots of opportunity for growth. You will get to be a big picture thinker and transition from the 30K foot view one minute, then dive into the details and execute every facet of the creative process the next. 


Required Experience

?      At least 3-4 years experience in graphic design. Intimate understanding of design, branding and digital best practices. 

?      Bachelor's Degree or equivalent in: Graphic Design, Digital Arts, Interactive/Media Design, Marketing or similar field


Objective Outcomes: 

  • You will marry strategy and creativity with outstanding execution. Consistently delivers strong creative product and hits deadlines.
  • You will be responsible for all brand creative including digital advertising, web, video, print collateral, catalogs, photo shoots, packaging, sales materials, trade show and logo designs.

?      You will help generate and manage a robust library of video and digital advertising assets;

?      You will manage budget for all creative expenditures, including photo shoots and advertising production, ensuring spends are efficient and track to forecast.


Core Competencies:

  • Ability to switch gears seamlessly: you will be will be conceiving a major, multi-platform seasonal campaign one day and refining email copy the next. 
  • Analytical: you will be able to tap into consumer insights, trends and target consumer's mind to produce best-in-class creative product.  
  • Curious and a continual learner with a firm understanding of creative and emerging technologies.
  • Strategy: Ability to think through big picture, creative ideas for company growth


Hard Skills:

?      Photo editing 

?      Illustration

?      Drawing

?      Sketching

?      Templating

?      Rendering

?      Wireframing



?      Photoshop

?      Illustrator

?      InDesign

?      Lightroom

?      Adobe Creative Suite in a Mac OS


Personal + Professional Attributes

?      Strong collaborative partner

?      Leadership potential

?      Proven ability to collaborate with others and share creative critique productively.

?      Excellent communications, command and persuasion skills.

?      Strong aesthetic/visual sense.

?      Flexible, you don't get frazzled easily 



  • Premium healthcare benefits including medical, dental and vision (approximately 70% covered depending on your plan) & FSA
  • Paid volunteer days, so you can spend time impacting the cause of your choice
  • Discounted gym membership
  • Financial Wellness such as 401k Plan & Pre-tax commuter benefits

To apply please send resume and portfolio link to [email protected]

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