Junior Product Designer (UX/UI)

Posted: Jan 13, 2021

This role is for you if...

You have a passion for UI/ UX
We want someone who loves applying their design process to digital products. If you love trying out new apps on your phone just because they're nicely designed then you sound like the type of person we're looking for.

You have can take an idea from start to finish
We want someone who has some knowledge of the product design process. Whether it's through side projects, coursework, or some real experience we want to see a demonstration of how you approach designing digital products.

You enjoy working collaboratively
You'll spend a lot of your time working closely with a product owner and the rest of the MyTutor business to collaboratively solve problems.

You're ready to learn

While experience is great, it won't be the deciding factor. If you've just graduated and have a folio that demonstrates your Product Design skills and you've got a real passion for the industry then we want to hear from you.

You're really interested in people
We have lots of diverse user types that we need to design for (teenagers, parents and students, teachers, operations staff to name a few) all with their own frustrations, needs and characteristics. A large part of this role will be making sure you intimately understand what they are going through and creating designs using this knowledge.

You have attention to detail and a view of the big picture

You'll need to understand how your designs fit within the wider customer journey, but also love diving into the details of micro interactions, writing copy and design details.


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