Arctan, Inc.: Lead Developer - Advanced Software R&D Opportunity Utilizing Applied Mathmatics at Arctan, Inc. (Arlington, VA) (Arlington, VA)

Posted: Apr 16, 2018

We have two immediate opportunities for technical leads. We expect to fill at least one of these two opportunities with an experienced lead/senior developer. However, we have had success with younger developers who are willing and able to take on this level of autonomy and responsibility. You know who you are. 

We are looking for very strong candidates and compensate competitively.

The projects involve: specific applied mathematical and software advances in information theory, game theory, machine learning, artificial intelligence, optimization. They build on a sophisticated mathematical base. There are many opportunities to make a mark and take development in meaningful, novel directions. If you are looking for a signature project, this is an outstanding opportunity for you.

Our team is small, multidisciplinary, and flexible.

We offer:

  • Cutting edge software/mathematical R&D project portfolio

  • Autonomy, responsibility, very significant impacts on users/customers

  • Control over your tech stack

  • Generous incentive compensation directly linked to performance

  • Challenging, meaningful work

Skills & Requirements


  • Extremely comfortable on linux command line

  • Meaningful solo project delivery and integration experience

  • Solid mathematical foundation and interest

  • Strong intellectual drive and work ethic

  • Strong competency in C or C++, competency in Java, interest in R. (Note: you may and will develop in languages other than these.)

Nice to have:

  • Meaningful development experience any of the following: Rust, Haskell, Julia

  • Interest in functional programming

  • Strong/advanced mathematical competency

  • Versatility; aggressive creativity

Generally, we would like to see a representative example of software code of which you are the sole author. We would expect that code to include a build system. A link to GitHub or similar is fine. 

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