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Posted: Jun 13, 2020

Role Name : Lead User Experience Designer
Level : Lead
Location : Sydney
Status : Full-time, Permanent

Founded in 2002, Quantium combines the best of human and artificial intelligence to power possibilities for
individuals, organisations and society. Our solutions make sense of what has happened and what will, could or
should be done to re-shape industries and societies around the needs of the people they serve.
As one of the world’s fully diversified data science and AI leaders we operate across every sector of the economy
and we’re growing fast - with growth comes opportunity! We’re passionate about building out our team of smart, fun,
diverse and motivated people.
We combine a team of experts that spans data scientists, actuaries, statisticians, business analysts, strategy
consultants, engineers, technologists, programmers, product developers, and futurists – all dedicated to harnessing
the power of data to drive transformational outcomes for our clients.
We actively foster a culture where our people can stretch themselves to reach their full potential.
We also know that work has to work for you, and modern life is fast-paced, and balance can be tricky. You want to
work where you are respected and valued as an individual, not a number. Quantium embraces a flexible and
supportive environment dedicated to powering possibilities for our team members, clients and partners.
Role summary
The UX Designer leads and delivers a collaborative design process from conception, through to launch and ongoing
follow through of shipped products. As a Senior UX Designer you will be responsible for the design and creation of
world-class product design experiences that are compelling and easy to use across desktop, web, cloud and mobile
interactions. You report to UX Design lead in your team and work with dev team, product managers and product
Our ideal candidate is responsible for guiding the entirety of the design process through its completion by presenting
them to stakeholders and working along developers to ensure accurate implementation.
Key stakeholders will include developers, product owners / managers, data scientists, consultants, customer
advocates and customers.
Key responsibilities
Own, deliver and execute end to end Product Design Experience, from conception, through to launch
and ongoing follow through of shipped products, leveraging agile and design-thinking principles to
drive sustainable implementation.
Develops and delivers multi-mode communications that convey a clear understanding of the unique
needs of different audiences. For example, disseminates knowledge, insights, and updates in a
polished, precise, and compelling manner. Demonstrates a deep interest in others' comments. Creates
rich documents and reports.
Orchestrate a team that works effectively together; efficiently coordinate and communicate with other
leaders, team members, and stakeholders. Coach your team through reviews and feedback. Support
their UX/UI growth. Raise the capacity, skills and quality of user-centred design on your team.
Collaborating with product management and engineering to define and implement innovative
solutions for the product direction, visuals and experience
Conceptualising original ideas that bring simplicity and user friendliness to complex design roadblocks
and business solutions
Critique in-progress design work, evaluating the priority and effectivity of solutions.
Successfully perform a task analysis by studying user testing to understand how someone does a
specific task.
Effectively map Use-Case/Jobs-to-be-done and state why a person would use the platform.
Map Storyboards to show and display a user’s story.
Conducting concept and usability testing and gathering feedback
Conducting user research and evaluate user feedback
Defining the right interaction/animation model and evaluating its success
Developing wireframes and prototypes around customer needs
Finding creative ways to solve UX problems (e.g. usability, findability)
Communicating design ideas and prototypes to developers
Establishing and promoting design guidelines, best practices and standards
Presenting and defending designs and key milestone deliverables to peers and executive level
Design and implement Data Visualisation solutions for product dashboards and reports
Study analytics to understand user behaviour.
Participate and run requirement gathering workshops, Design Sprints and help prioritising them.
KPIs – Stakeholder feedback, timeliness, quality of work, contribution to Quantium Design System and
workflows, support/mentor UX designers in the team and bring them up to speed with our workflow and
Design System, Good Knowledge of Quantium Products and their customers
Key Activities
Own and deliver end to end Product Design Experience, from conception, through to launch and
ongoing follow through of shipped products.
o Partner with relevant stakeholders to identify user needs, define product strategy, create
roadmaps and transform complex interaction problems into clearly designed solutions
o Facilitate or participate in requirement gathering workshops
o Creating user personas, thinking style segments and customer journey maps
o Effectively communicate with stakeholders and management through the implementation
phase to design intent
o Produce excellent hands-on visual design work, file setup, documentation specs, process
tools, and deliverables
o Communicating design materials, concepts and prototypes and research reports with team
and all stakeholders
o Attend project and status meetings as required, providing strong visual design presence by
clearly articulating recommendations, decisions and solution across cross-functional
o Make informed design decisions based on competitor analysis, customer feedback, site
metrics and usability reports
o Collect and analyse user behaviour through lab studies, field visits, ethnography, surveys,
benchmark studies, server logs, and online experiments (A/B testing).
o Analysing customer feedbacks and analysing insights and translating them to design
recommendations or product/service improvement.
o Ongoing follow through: keep watch of shipped products and iterate for improvements and
customer satisfaction
o Work with other designers and researchers in the team and collaborate on projects.
o Work with dev team and communicate design materials and get feedback from dev team
during the design process and provide feedback to dev team after the build process.
Own and deliver high quality UX design to deliver product mock-up that replicate final visual design for
bespoke business development proposals for clients
o Partner closely with consultants and other relevant stakeholders to understand purpose,
define product strategy, create roadmaps and transform complex interaction problems into
clearly designed solutions
o Create sketches, prototypes, flows and other design artefacts as necessary to communicate
design concepts
o Clearly articulate visions and conceptualise high quality, cross-platform solutions (desktop,
tablet and mobile)
o Work with product and business representatives and team members to test business
requirements using heuristic/qualitative methods
Contribute to a the UX Design team’s culture of design, high performance, growth and success
o Keep abreast of expert knowledge and current trends in UX design and how to apply in an
appropriate way
o Work collaboratively with fellow team of designers to raise quality of work, providing one
another feedback, aiming for a cohesive experience across all touchpoint and ensuring
optimal distribution of workload
o Push the visual style and experience design of Quantium products and services forward and
help maintain its consistency by designing and documenting design systems, style guides,
quality standards and processes
o Participate in and contribute to informal and formal team knowledge sharing forums
o Work with dev team on building and documenting our UI library, qbit.
Mentoring and supporting UX Designers in the team
o Following up their day to day activities
o Helping to build up skills that we need in the team
o Support with decision making and peer review process
o Work with tools and mastering our workflow
o Help them to be successful and provide constructive feedbacks
Experience and education required
5+ years of experience in end to end Product UX design experience on large scale applications, ideally
within an in-house, customer centric, corporate environment
Working experience and knowledge in Figma or extensive experience using Sketch with the desire and
ability to quickly pick up new tools.
Experience working with FramerX, D3.JS and Tableau to create data visualisation solutions for rapid
prototyping, validating and testing ideas.
A strong data visualisation, dashboard design and advance reporting design skills. Familiar with
A strong visual design background or a natural flair for creating high quality visual design
Exceptional communication and stakeholder management skills with the ability to independently lead
stakeholder meetings, workshops, feedback sessions etc
Genuine passion in collaborating with other designers, writers, marketing professionals, and others to
guide our product design forward
True passion for staying on top of industry trends and continuous growth
Must be able to manage ambiguity, work autonomously, and multi-task
A degree in the design professions (BS/BA in HCI, Human Factors, Industrial Design required or
equivalent professional work-related experience
Excellent communication and documentation skills
What does success look like?
After 3 months
Understand the history and fundamentals of Quantium’s products and culture
Have met and build positive relationships with key stakeholders as required in the first 3 months
Delivering on product UX design briefs
Contribute to Quantium Design System
Lead and manage small group of UX Designers and support them through day to day activities
Deliver design materials, high fidelity prototypes and interaction design, and relevant design
documentations to communicate design materials with dev team and other stakeholders.
After 6 months
Able to competently perform and deliver in all aspects of the role
Proactively setting and working towards professional development goals with manager
Own part of Quantium Design System
Active contributor to our guidelines and workflow materials
Trained Associate UX Designers in the team
After 12 months
Have developed a deep expertise in a particular area of specialisation
Expert knowledge of all tools
Expert knowledge of Data Visualisation, Typography, Grids, Layouts, Design System implementation,
DesignOps, Accessibility, User Centre design process, Product analytics and how to use them for
experience design and improvement to the product.
Worked and trained associate designers in the team and helped them to build up necessary skills and
confidence in the team.
Key business capabilities required
1. You undertake a process or analytical technique to understand and describe to other stakeholders
how a product or service addresses the needs of a person or business, the areas of client need it does
not address and its marketability relative to the client’s alternatives
2. You are able to enhance customer satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility, and enjoyment
provided in the interaction between customer and product
3. Create and manage customer sessions which result in usable feedback, insights and opportunities for
product enhancement
4. Ability to define an overview of an entire system, identifying the main components that would be
developed for the product/technology and their interfaces
5. Ability to refine and operationalise a high-level design into plans, specifications and estimates which
operationalise the technology or product
6. Develop an early sample, model or release of a product in order to test its materiality
7. Communicate product design experience materials and decisions and all related changes with all
Key People and leadership capabilities required
1. You will proactively consider customers, brand and cultural impact when making difficult decisions
2. You have developed a function that understands client needs and delivers high quality timely outputs,
creating consistently exceptional customer service
3. Your team understands the plan, knows what they need to focus on and are successfully delivering
against it
4. You effectively facilitate challenging performance conversations in a timely and appropriate manner
5. You seek guidance where it is required to ensure adequate preparation, competence and clarity in
these conversations
6. You have built strong key relationships which have resulted in effective collaboration between teams
and with clients
7. You work collaboratively to achieve mutually successful outcomes

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