Logo and Mini Brand Guide (Colour Variatons, Colour Palettes, Fonts, White Space)

Posted: Jun 10, 2021

Dear Applicants.

We are looking for a logo designer that can develop logo systems that include fonts, colours, colour variations ect.

Please in your applications share logo folios and your process and timeline for creating 3 logo concepts and a mini brand guide for the final logo, alongside the cost per project. If you do not share this information, please don't waste your time applying.

I'd also like to know how you present concepts to clients, so please provide an example. 

This has the potential to be a long-term project as we ramp up our business. 

Requirements 2 years of experience, strong organizational skills, strong communication, preferably based in Europe, but open to quality candidates that are able to keep communications to a high level, across timezones.

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Source: Behance

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